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A Selection from Christopher Pearl Greeting Cards

A Selection of Christopher Perl Greeting Cards



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We present Christopher Pearl Hand Prepared Greeting Cards for Australian Retailers/Wholesalers. These beautiful cards are available by contacting Andrew for viewing or placing orders and are assisted via our brochures. These are highly protected and unique images.
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Photographer & Artist, Christopher Pearl

Christopher Pearl has achieved floral photography of the highest calibre. All images are carefully chosen to reflect excellence born of years of experience. We invite you to share in these unique and beautiful cards that over the years have been well recognised by Australian retailers.

Blank Greeting Cards include plain envelope and clear plastic cover for each card. These cards use ivory card stock – plain or off-white 240gsm. All photographs are supplied without the watermark.

“I had the good fortune to show these stunning cards to the owners of businesses all over Australia, and continued to do so for some years. They were universally admired and gladly accepted into some of the finest outlets – The Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Berkelouw Books, Myer Melbourne, Australia Post and more. Christopher’s photography and cards have been used by magazines, (making front cover) stationary companies and greeting card businesses. Andrew J Smith

Christopher Pearl is an artist, drawn to the aesthetic and intrinsic beauty of the flower and floral arrangements, capturing subtleties of colour and form. Christopher trained with the famous Australian photographer Athol Schmidt in Melbourne, and from there focused especially on flowers in natural ‘In Situ’ settings, or back in his studio.

Years of work in choosing the right selection of flowers for the greeting cards medium, with careful reviews by himself and his friends, has provided Australians with beautiful cards for many years.

These stunning cards use original photographs, derived from film or digital photographic sessions. A particular trademark of Christopher’s photography is use of natural lighting with the highlighted presence of the flower against the diffuse darker set backgrounds.

We trust you will enjoy the experience of these cards in the near future. Andrew has sold these cards with Christopher for many years and is the only person with permission today to continue these sales.

Variations occur between original film or digital mediums.