Terms & Conditions

Andrew J Smith – AJS Art – provides a range of greeting cards to shops at wholesale prices, as well as his original paintings, and prints or canvass on request. Other media formats are possible as we control the ownership of the images.

Art works are available to members of the public at appropriate retail or discounted pricing.

All orders on this website are DRAFT ORDERS only, as a vehicle for finalising invoices and delivery. Draft orders carry no obligation to purchase.

Who purchases our artworks?

Examples are greeting card stores, newsagents, book stores, homeware, kitchen and gift shops.

We have cards in Sydney and Brisbane. The floral cards have historically been used in many prime retail outlets and with Australia Post. These floral cards are presented by arrangement as these have been in production for some decades and are highly protected. Other cards such as Andrew’s works are shown on this website.

To create a list of cards and/or standard prints, please make use of the Shopping Cart facility which will in turn provide you an email and allow us to contact you. If you do not know us, please arrange a call or visit from Andrew as most of our sales are via meeting shop owners and paper invoices.

Your data is not collated and provided to any third parties. We do not place you onto a subscription list.

As may be appreciated, images vary in quality depending on type of camera used and image size and the time at which the image was created. For instance, the majority of the flower images are a conversion from film to digital using editing to enhance colour, remove scratches and dust marks accumulated over many years.

Andrew’s images are usually suitable for enlargement to print sizes, however the images have been made slightly brighter in appearance than the original artwork. Some of the earlier images were taken from framed works and may crop the artist’s signature.

Andrew provides greeting cards from a number of fellow artists or photographers, who are each responsible for their own image quality.

All of Andrew’s cards are a photographic reproduction of his original acrylic paintings. These are then hand prepared on blank greeting card white stock. Sizes are approx. 150mm x 105mm, in clear plastic wrapper, and plain envelope 160mm x 115mm, landscape or portrait depending on the image. As each original painting has a different size, the photographs are presented as they are, with white space to fill the border (above and below, or to the sides), or where the image is not impacted, it is cropped to fill the entire photograph. Images and final finish may vary to the exact display on our product page, as these are all hand prepared. These paintings show the development of the artist, ranging across a period of time, showing various distinct states of the final works that add to the character and interest.

All cards are supplied without the image security watermarks, however images remain Copyright – All Rights Reserveds to the artist.

All orders are fulfilled out of Sydney, Australia. Standard orders are processed once per week, unless otherwise arranged. AJS Art ships to Australia, (for example we have orders in Brisbane) and nominated countries.

All cards are sold without Tax GST. Retailers may add their own GST for their sales. Please feel welcome to contact AJS Art by e-mail or phone during standard business hours, (Sydney time) for any questions you may have. Andrew would be delighted to talk with you and show samples of his work.

Cards usually contain an identifying label on the back that may be modified for your own branding.

It is possible by arrangement to produce cards fully printed on stock, at a higher price.

Andrew likes to chat with buyers to understand needs, and to develop the client relationship over time.

Please do not send credit card numbers by e-mail. Andrew will finalise orders with an invoice and accepts payments by Direct Bank Debit, Cheque or Cash.

If you wish, you may also download our brochures and use the check boxes to place orders.

For Sydney buyers, Andrew may deliver directly to some stores.

Shipping and handling depends on current standard Australia Post satchel pricing, or express post.

AJS Art works to fulfill standard orders of single cards within five business days of order receipt. Larger orders may require lead time, which we are happy to discuss with you.

We do not advertise for additional artists and their works. Our work is based on meeting people day to day. As we take on board new works or artists, we realise there are variations between individuals and terms of engagement. We require artwork images to meet standards required for this website.

If we have not addressed any of your questions, please do contact Andrew for a friendly chat.

Andrew arranges Art Exhibitions from time to time as advertised on this website.


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