About AJS Art – Andrew J Smith, Artist

Andrew’s artwork has strength and detail, uniquely capturing light as it bounces off sunlit waters on Sydney Harbour, or the presence of shadows we feel as we sit under the trees in a local landscape. Andrew presents a thorough range of images from land to sea, Sydney and the Outback. These images are now available for this range of blank Greeting Cards, all prepared by hand.


‘Communicating With You’

From Andrew’s Meanderings Exhibition,

North Sydney 2014.

I first saw the light of day in the 1940s and had the good fortune to be raised in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs during the halcyon days of the 1950s.

Because I spent my entire childhood around the foreshores of Sydney Harbour, its beauty and grandeur, so near at hand and accessible, penetrated my thinking.

I find it amazing that after 70 years, I am attempting to translate something of the sublime quality of Sydney Harbour into paint.

Within this context, I find myself at odds, albeit genially, with an age when artistic expression seems to be interpreted in deeply personal terms. For me the object is the subject!

The theme of my work, particularly relevant in landscapes, must be dominant. Its inherent integrity must never be compromised by self-indulgence. By the same token, a painting must be just that. The tension between the artist and his or her subject is critical to the painting’s message incorporating the synthesis of form, colour, composition and technique.

My pilgrimage in paint has been a short one. Many lessons lie ahead, and I feel increasingly humbled by the demands.

Words are cheap… so I had better get to work!

– Andrew J Smith

about ajs art
about ajs art

Greeting Cards, Prints & Original Paintings

All cards are a photographic reproduction of Andrew’s original acrylic paintings. These are then hand prepared on blank greeting card white stock. Sizes are approx. 150mm x 105mm, in clear plastic wrapper, and plain envelope 160mm x 115mm, landscape or portrait depending on the image. As each original painting has a different size, the photographs are presented as they are, with white space to fill the border (above and below, or to the sides), or where the image is not impacted, it is cropped to fill the entire photograph. Images and final finish may vary to the exact display on our product page, as these are all hand prepared. These paintings show the development of the artist, ranging across a period of time, showing various distinct states of the final works that add to the character and interest.

All cards are supplied without the image security watermark, however images remain Copyright to the artist.

All orders are fulfilled out of Sydney, Australia. Standard orders are processed once per week, unless otherwise arranged. AJS Art ships to Australia, and nominated countries.

All cards are sold without Tax GST. Retailers may add their own GST for their sales. Please feel welcome to contact AJS Art by e-mail or phone during standard business hours, (Sydney time) for any questions you may have. Andrew would be delighted to talk with you and show samples of his work. For further details, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Card Quantities Attract Discounts.

Cards commence at $3.95, (as at 2021) and reduce in price with quantity or for retail sales. Please ask Andrew for pricing.


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